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Special Pavilion

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Special Pavilion
Conference Hall
‘The Lifestyle Seoul’ Pavilion Pavilion is a space where you can
experience the modern lifestyles of Seoul and enjoy Korea’s innovative beauty technology.
Beauty & Fashion tech
myskin FAIN

An AI full-face skin diagnosis system that analyzes the key items of the skin by taking a selfie through an ultra-compact diagnostic device that is mobile and detachable.

myHair HOME

An AI hair and scalp diagnosis system that allows you to easily check the condition and scientific analysis of your hair and scalp at home with a lightweight pen-type design.


Lolozem is focused on researching and developing technologies and content that can be experienced digitally.

Aul moment presents re-edited content and technology so that you can experience fashion through a virtual experience and 3D art in its own way


'HAIRFIT AR stylebook' service that allows you to take a picture of your face with a mobile devices and experience various hairstyles virtually.

Provide a variety of information and content related to virtual experienced hairstyles, analyze the 'HAIRFIT AR Stylebook' service's data, and recommend the hairstyles for user.


At Meta Fashion Playground, one can experience fashion hat can be represented in both virtual and real spaces within digital world.


Online Skin-Tone Analysis & Beauty Social Network Service based on Color Data.

Living tech

Enjoy indoor gardening even in a small space. First. choose a dirtless seed kit you want to cultivate. Second, fill it with water and just turn on the Tiiun-Mini


Alogcare AI analyzes the health data of each family member to recommend personalized nutrition combinations, and the IoT nutrition machine blends over 20 micro-nutrients to provide them in a single serving. Take care of your family's health with Algocare.


Maybelline New York Ready-In-A-Click allows Microsoft Teams users to customize their looks for a virtual meeting in less than a second.

Teams users can choose from 12 different looks using Maybelline New York products for eyes, lips and face, to embellish their on-screen appearance.


The SOUND MIRROR™ of ICON.AI has been named three CES Innovation Awards Honorees. The SOUND MIRROR™ is the world's first form factor and a voice-activated acoustic mirror to help customers enjoy an epic sound experience. A breakthrough approach is a home interior speaker designed to look like furniture or a work of art rather than a convenㅁ tional speaker and mirror.

Zmirror is a brand-new innovative beauty device as All-in-One Smart makeup mirror that integrates artificial intelligence with various features/technology


'Deepscent Lounge' can provide up to 256 frgrance capsules fit for space and situation.

Photo zone

Upload your photo from the Photo Zone with a hashtag (#seoulbeautyweek2023) on Instagram! We will be giving away Beauty Box as gifts to those who participate in the event.

* For the convenience of visitors, admissions are operated on a time-basis. (30 people, every 15 minutes)

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