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Beautiful Challenge Day

Design Concept

Seoul Beauty Week embodies beauty, fashion, food, and living trends representing Seoul.
The event goes beyond beauty, encompassing various aspects of Seoul's trendy lifestyle.
It offers an immersive experience of how the city's residents dress and create their living spaces.

Visual Meaning

The design centers around the initials SBW, skillfully
blending various elements that define the beauty of Seoul.
The symbol takes the form of multi-layered blocks, evoking a myriad of
impressions associated with the city.
The "S" symbolizes the sensibility of Seoulites and global citizens.
The "B" represents the coexistence of the sensibility of the past and future.
The "W" symbolizes the new trends and dynamic rhythm of Seoul.
The diverse colors of the blocks encapsulate the vibrant diversity of
Seoul's beauty, fashion, food, and living domains in a symbolic manner.

Signature basic vesion and applied version

Signature basic vesion

시그니처 기본형

Signature applied version

시그니처 활용형 A Type

A type

시그니처 활용형 B Type

B type

시그니처 활용형 C_1 Type

C type-1

시그니처 활용형 C_2 Type

C type-2

시그니처 활용형 C_3 Type

C type-3

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