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Pre-registration period : Aug. 1 - Sept. 20, 2023

Seoul Beauty Week 2023 (Sept. 21-24)
will take place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP),
an iconic cultural space in Seoul.

To ensure a swift entry on-site, we encourage you to pre-register online.
Kindly provide your name, contact information, and email.
Make sure to provide the information accurately as it will be used
for registration management and identity verification.

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Privacy Policy

<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> Secretariat has the following processing policies to protect users' personal information, their rights, and interests under the Personal Information Protection Act to smoothly deal with their personal information-related problem.
○ These policies will start on January 1st, 2023.

Article 1 (The purpose of personal information processing)

<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> will be used personal information for the following purposes. Processed Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes, and there will be prior consent if the purpose of the use is changed.

1. Providing goods or services

Personal information is processed for the purpose of providing exhibition/side event services (participation and admission to events), providing content and customized services, and authenticating oneself, etc. The collected personal information is held and used for the above purpose of use from the date of consent for collection and use to the date of destruction.
ㅇ Grounds for possession : Consent to the user's personal information processing policy
ㅇ Reason for exception : Spam

2. Complaint handling

Personal information is processed for the purpose of identifying the complainant, checking the complaint, contacting the fact investigation, notification, and notifying the results of the processing.

3. Utilization of marketing and advertisement

Personal information is processed for providing new or customized service, events, and advertising information to give opportunities to participate, providing services and advertising based on demographic characteristics.

Article 2 (Processing and retention period of personal information)

Each personal information processing and holding period is as follows.
ㅇPersonal information retention period: January 2023 to January 2024

Personal information is kept and used for the purpose above until the expiration date of the retention period. Any of the collected personal information becomes no longer necessary, including by expiration of the retention period or fulfillment of its purposes, such personal information will be discarded without delay.

Article 3 (Rights and Obligations of Data Subject, Its Statutory Agent and Method of Exercising Them)

1. The Data Subject (refers to the statutory agent, in case the Data Subject is under the age of 14 may exercise the following rights relating to personal data protection against <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> at any time.
 - Request for access to personal data
 - Request for correction in case there exists any error, etc
 - Request for deletion
 - Request for suspension of processing
2. The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 may be executed in writing, or by e-mail, fax, etc. in accordance with Article 41, Paragraph 1 of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, and <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> will take action without delay accordingly.
3. The exercise of the rights under Paragraph 1 may be carried out through an agent such as the Data Subject’s statutory agent or delegated person. In this case, the power of attorney in the attached Form No. 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Data Protection Act shall be submitted.
4. In the case of the request for access to personal data or the request for suspension of processing, the Data Subject’s rights may be restricted under Articles 35 (4) and 37 (2) of the Personal Data Protection Act.
5. If the personal data is specified as a collection in any other laws and regulations, any correction and/or deletion of personal data cannot be requested.
6. <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> verifies whether the person who has made the request for access, the request for correction or deletion, or the request for suspension of processing based on the Data Subject’s rights is the Data Subject itself or its legitimate statutory agent.

Article 4 (Items of Personal Information Collected)

1. <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> will collect the personal information for the registration, documents, on/off-line event as follows.

① <Provision of goods or services>
- Required : Name, Gender, Age, phone number, email, survey response (participation program)
- Optional : Country, company name, position, Field of interest and Site inflow source
- Purpose of collection/use : The purpose of this study is to identify visitors and issue passes, guide them to events and deliver notices, and utilize event analysis data. In addition, photos and videos will be taken during the event. Photos and videos taken can be used as promotional materials. In this case, you can request blurring or refuse to use the image.

Article 5 (Destruction of Personal Data)

1. Where personal data becomes unnecessary because of expiration of the personal data retention period, achievement of the purpose of processing, etc., <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> shall immediately destroy the relevant personal data.
2. In the event that the <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> must continue to preserve the personal data in accordance with other laws even when the personal data retention period agreed by the data subject has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved, <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> may move the personal data to a separate database or store it in a different storage location.
3. The procedure and method of destroying personal data are as follows.

① Destruction procedure
<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> selects personal data for which the cause for destruction occurs, and destroys personal data with the approval of the <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> ’s person in charge of personal data protection.

② Destruction method
<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> destroys personal data recorded and kept in the form of an electronic file so that records cannot be reproduced.
and the personal data recorded and kept in paper documents is shredded by a shredder or incinerated and destroyed.

Article 6 (Personal Data Security Securement Measures)

<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> is taking the following measures to ensure the safety of personal data.

1. Minimization and training of the persons who handle personal data
<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> manages personal data by designating and minimizing the persons who handle personal data, and conducts regular training for the employees who handle personal data.

2. Establishment and implementation of an internal management plan
<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> establishes and implements an internal management plan for the secure processing of personal data.

3. Encryption of personal data
The user’s personal data is kept and managed in encrypted forms. Also, for important data, separate security functions, such as encrypting, are used when storing and transmitting such data.

4. Restriction of access to personal data
<2023 Seoul Beauty Week> takes necessary measures to control access to personal data through granting, changing, and cancelling access to the database system that processes personal data, and controls unauthorized access from the outside using the intrusion prevention system.

Article 7 (Person in Charge of Personal Data Protection)

The <2023 Seoul Beauty Week> designates the person in charge of personal data protection as follows in order to protect personal data and handle complaints relating to personal data. The Data Subject may contact the person in charge of personal data protection and the department with respect to all inquiries relating to personal data protection, handling of complaints, remedy, etc. that have occurred while using <2023 Seoul Beauty Week>’s service (or business) .

▶ Personal information management chief officer
Name : Kim Miseon
Position : Director
Contact Information : : E-mail, Phone number (, 02-550-2665)

Article 8 (Remedies for Infringement on Rights and Interests)

The Data Subject may contact the following institutions to inquire about damage relief, etc. in relation to personal data infringement. You can contact if you are not satisfied with the <2023 Seoul Beauty Week>’s own handling of personal data complaints or damage relief results, or if you need further assistance, please contact them.

1. Personal Data Infringement Report Center (, +82-118)
2. Personal Data Dispute Mediation Committee (, +82-1833-6972)
3. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (, +82-1301)
4. National Police Agency (, +82-182)

Article 9 (Change of Personal Data Processing Policy)

1. This Policy is effective from January 1st, 2023.

When the content of this Policy is added, deleted, or modified in accordance with the change of laws/policies or security technology, the modified Personal Data Processing Policy will be disclosed on the website, etc





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